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NFSometer is a performance measurement framework for running workloads and reporting results across NFS protocol versions, NFS options and Linux NFS client implementations.

The NFSometer project was started at NetApp as a way to automate performance testing of the Linux NFS client. Since then it has grown to include many other features, notably the generation of reports. It is our hope that by releasing this project under the GPLv2 license, the Linux NFS community will benefit from a better understanding of NFS performance characteristics and contribute improvements to NFSometer.

NFSometer is not designed to replace existing filesystem benchmarks. Instead, it is designed to automate the running of existing filesystem benchmarks, gather NFS specific statistics and generate reports that make benchmark output more understandable.


  • Automate the time consuming process of running a variety of workloads looking for performance regressions between kernel versions, NFS protocol versions and NFS options.
  • Generate reports that allows the user to understand the performance characteristics of workloads and easily compare performance characteristics of different configurations.
  • Provide a simple way to define workloads. This allows users to evaluate NFS deployment scenarios with workloads representative of their unique needs.



  • Fri Feb 22, 2013: NFSometer v1.4 released! This version has a redesign of reports, many bugfixes and several new features.
  • Fri Dec 7, 2012: NFSometer v1.3 released! This version includes some major cleanup and bugfixes.
  • Fri Nov 30, 2012: NFSometer v1.2 released! This version includes, new options (notably -o replaces -m), basic loadgen functionality, probe mountopts and detect tags, replace poorly supported admin-script and client-script functionality with tags (-t option), bugfixes, etc
  • Thu Jun 21, 2012: NetApp is pleased to announce the GPLv2 release of NFSometer!


The current release of nfsometer is version 1.4:

nfsometer-1.4.tar.gz (md5sum: ef6e3031b2c39c7eb439dd35197e6b76)

Old releases:

Main git repository:

'master' branch is current release, 'testing' branch is where all new development is happening.

  • git clone git://
  • NFSometer gitweb


Here is an example nfsometer report. The reports have notes explaining what was run.

example 1: run cthon workload with and without a loaded server.


Please send any bug reports, questions or comments to

For contributions, see howto-contribute.txt.

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