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NFSv4 is a new generation of network filesystems. It is designed to be run over internet, and it has these capabilities :



NFSv4 is can be secured via one of three types of security "flavors":

For each flavor, there may be multiple implementations. For instance, with Kerberos there are both "MIT Kerberos", and "Heimdal Kerberos".

Kerberos and NFSv4

Setup instructions for kerberos/NFSv4 are here

Network optimisations


IPv6 support for the client

Here is a short description to explain how to have an IPv6 ready client for NFSv2,v3 and v4. For further information about the IPv6 support design, please look here

TI-RPC library

The ti-rpc library is designed to replace sunrpc library. It is necessary to do Remote Procedures Calls regardless of the transport used.

Download the tirpc tarball: libtirpc-0.1.7.tar.bz2

Build and install:

> ./configure
> make
> make install

Kernel patches

Dowload the cumulative patch: linux-2.6.11-ALL.patch

In the kernel source directory:

> patch -p1 < linux-2.6.11-NFS-IPv6-client.patch

User part patches

Download nfs-utils tarball with IPv6 support included: util-linux-2.12-3-IPv6.tar.bz2

Download the util-linux-2.12 tarball: util-linux-2.12.tar.gz

Download and apply the util-linux-2.12-CITI_NFS4_ALL-3 patchset util-linux-2.12-CITI_NFS4_ALL-3.dif

In util-linux-2.12 directory:

> patch -p1 < util-linux-2.12-CITI_NFS4_ALL-3.dif

Download and apply cumulative patch for util-linux-2.12 : util-linux-2.12-IPv6.patch
In util-linux-2.12 directory:

> patch -p1 < util-linux-2.12-IPv6.patch

Build and install new nfs client commands:

> make
> make install

Related links

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Basic Socket Interface Extensions for IPv6 (RFC_3493)

Linux configuration

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