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rfc 5661 includes protocol for directory delegations, but implementation efforts are currently stalled; see NFSv4.1 Directory Delegations for experience from an early CITI prototyping effort.

server IPv6 support is now completed.

Core NFSv4.1 support should be up to spec at this point; see Server 4.0 and 4.1 issues.

The spkm3 gss mechanism never caught on (hence also lipkey, which was based on it); by the time it was implemented, protocol shortcomings were found, and it was decided a new mechanism would need to be specified. See SPKM3 Issues.

Testing: A now-defunct NFSv4 testing project compiled a bunch of tests that might be worth running on NFSv4, with some results on early code, etc.:


server exports


Proposed POSIX extensions

Cluster client migration prototype

Comparison of NFS vs. others

Server-side silly rename

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