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pNFS todo List 2007

NOTE: This list was last updated: 6/18/2007

  • Implement client layout get / return mutex (bhalevy)
  • Optimize Client session slot choosing implementation
  • Close connection instead of dropping callback when we cannot allocate resources.
  • Clean up sessions code to have a clean split between NFSv4.0 and NFSv4.1
  • Synchronize allocation of backchannel requests with xprt disconnection.
  • nfs_coalesce_requests is called earlier than layoutget. This causes problems if the stripe size is less than the wsize/rsize. We need to fix this by calling LAYOUTGET earlier in the process. We need to also discuss when it is appropriate to call LAYOUTGET and how we can use the various thresholds.
  • Currently, the slab names are on the stack. This needs to be changed to be dynamically allocated.
  • Fix umount crash
  • Investigate holey file test failure with Solaris
  • PUT_ROOTFH and GETATTR must not be sent to a data server.
  • First PUT-FH requests on the DS that are deferred because of an up-call are not replayed

June 11-15, 2007 Austin - NFSv4.1 todo list

  • Integrate Bakeathon fixes
  • Rebase pnfs-git base to latest git-tree (labiaga)
  • Need to review when layoutget should be invoked
  • Coalesce entry points into pNFS functionality
  • Revisit when GETDEVICELIST should be invoked
  • Sessions
    • Slot allocation
    • Dynamic resizing of slot table
    • Server cache
    • How much resources to allocate
    • SET_SSV
    • Create a common Sessions library for client and server callbacks
    • Callback security (low priority)
  • Client layout cache
  • Client serialization of layoutget and recalls
  • Slot selection
  • Rethink sequence operations
  • Sessions error processing and error recovery - Client and Server
  • CB_SEQUENCE refer calls on client and server
    • Review data structures and generate generic implementation to apply to all callbacks (open recall, etc.)
    • Need Wireshark "repository" for NFSv4.1 work before it's ready to be integrated into the official Wireshark source control site
    • Wireshark callback decoding (Andy's students)
  • Add support bind connection to session
    • Use if server refuses to use back channel

Testing todo list

    • Enhance python NFS sessions client
    • How do we test the client? Create pyNFS server?
    • NFS idempotency test needs fault injection to test session cache (Use iptables or firewalls to drop packets?)
  • Update nfsstat to include v4/ v4.1 statistics

Completed Items

  • Implement Server Session Slots and Sequence counting
  • Implement Client Session Slots and Sequence counting
  • Implement NFSv4.1 callbacks
  • Update to draft-ietf-nfsv4-minorversion1-10
  • Separate Sessions branch for pnfs-git tree
  • Re-work server layout recall callback (bhalevy)
  • Re-work client layout recall handling (and interaction with layout driver) (bhalevy)
  • Implement server generic layout return / recall interaction (bhalevy)
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