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Places to report bugs

The official place to report bugs or make feature requests is

Alternatively, the linux kernel bugzilla will work.

Feel free to use the bugzilla for nfs-specific projects which are not yet in the upstream linux tree.

Basic information to include in bug reports

Please be sure to always include at least the following information when reporting an NFSv4 bug:

  • The command(s) you were trying to run
  • The exact error message(s) you saw, and/or symptoms encountered
  • Which kernel versions are you using on the client and server?
  • Are you using any of the security options?
  • Results of `exportfs -v` on the server

Advanced information to include in bug reports

Depending on the nature of your bug, some of the following may also be useful to troubleshoot your problem:

  • tcpdump
  • system trace
  • Which versions of acl, libgssapi, libevent, librpcsecgss, nfs-utils, and util-linux?
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