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NFSv4 Robustness testing

testing Core file operations

There are 3 tools used to test NFSv4 robustness. This tools are used to tests core filesystems functions : read/write/create ... in various configurations.

  • fsstress : random sequence of FS operations performed by concurent processes.
  • fsx
  • ffsb

Each time a NFSv4 is able to complete one test sequence, this test should be conserved for non regression testing.

Testing mount / export

Here is a small program to test that.

This test show nfsv4 can reach 2500 exported/mounted directories on a ia32 machine. When 2500 directories are exported/mounted we can see:

  • rpc.mountd uses 40% CPU
  • exportfs uses 14% CPU


List of tests tools that should be usefull to test NFSv4.

Main results

Last kernel tested is Linux 2.6.12-rc3 more patches CITI_NFS4_ALL-4.

NFS v4 is able to complete this testes:

  • fsx
  • fsstress running 5 days in this configuration
    • 10 threads
    • 100 operation list lenght
  • FFSB running 5hours with this profile:
    • num_files=1200000
    • num_dirs=100
    • max_filesize=4096
    • min_filesize=4096
    • num_threads=10
    • read_weight=3
    • write_weight=1
    • append_weight=1
    • write_random=1
    • write_size=4096
    • write_blocksize=4096
    • read_size=4096
    • read_blocksize=4096
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