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Wireshark (previously known as Ethereal) is invaluable for understanding what's happening on the wire between a client and server, but it could be better. Some examples:

  • General maintenance, bug-fixing
  • Given knowledge of the appropriate keys, decrypt and dissect privacy-encoded calls and replies.
  • parse EXCHANGE_ID flags
  • Spurious unparsed data at end of RECLAIM_COMPLETE request/reply?
  • Fix parsing of fs_layout_type? (Getting unhelpful parsing of zero-length array, spurious "Malformed Packet: NFS".)
  • Fix list of compound ops in packet-list pane (currently tends to include lots of spurious test-stateid's for some reason).
  • Handle open delegation WANT_ flags.

Is all of this done now?:

  • callback channel decoding: in 4.1 case, this is easy. In 4.0 case, requires seeing the setclientid call.
  • Update to 4.1. (Mostly done: may still be some odds an ends missing, though.
  • Add decoders for rpcbind protocol versions 3 and 4. (Done or not?)
  • Test to make sure all existing NFS and RPC related decoders work nicely with IPv6. (?)
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